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Streamline Your Autodesk Revit Workflow With Keyboard Shortcuts

Blog / 31 Mar, 2024

If you're delving into the world of BIM modelling with Autodesk Revit, you're in for a trans-formative experience in how you design, visualise, and collaborate on architectural projects. One of the ways to enhance efficiency while working in Revit is through the power of keyboard shortcuts. These little time-savers are integral for seasoned professionals and new users alike to accelerate the modelling process. Let’s dive into how these shortcuts can revolutionise your workflow.

Why Use Keyboard Shortcuts?

Imagine the cumulative time spent navigating through menus and toolbars – it adds up! Keyboard shortcuts allow you to keep your hands on the keyboard and your focus on the design, streamlining your workflow and minimising interruptions. Let’s explore some essential keyboard shortcuts that you can start using today to speed up your Revit projects.


Essential Keyboard Shortcuts for Autodesk Revit

Here’s a list of fundamental shortcuts to help you quickly manage views and elements within Revit:

Create a new view: Ctrl+N - Launch a fresh canvas for your architectural creations without a mouse click in sight.


Open a view: Ctrl+O - Swiftly switch between different views of your model to assess progress or make edits.


Save a view: Ctrl+S - Regularly save your work to protect against data loss and update your progress.


Undo: Ctrl+Z - Everyone makes mistakes, but with a quick undo shortcut, they're easily rectified.


Redo: Ctrl+Y - If you've undone too much, the redo function is your friend.


Copy: Ctrl+C - Duplicate elements in your model without re-creating them from scratch.


Paste: Ctrl+V - Insert the copied elements with precision and ease.


Move: Arrow keys - Nudge selected elements around with simplicity and accuracy.


Rotate: Ctrl+arrow keys - Adjust the orientation of elements in small increments, allowing for detailed placement.


Zoom: Ctrl+wheel scroll - Get up close and personal or view your project from a distance with a fluid zoom motion.


Pan: Shift+wheel scroll - Navigate around your model as if you were walking through your project site.