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For a decade, We have been training students, freelancers & construction professionals worldwide. Our experts are honorary trainers of famous quantity surveying communities including QSAP, IIQS, SLQS, PICQS & ISU etc.









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Saady Chohan

Technical Trainer

star 5.0
337 Student
2 Courses
Ali Asgar Parsolawala

MEP Trainer

star 2.5
74 Student
2 Courses
Patrick Ugwu

QS Trainer

star 0.0
2 Student
0 Courses
Anil Chauhan

Autodesk Certified Instructor

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4 Student
1 Courses
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What They Say

Izhar Ahmed

Construction Estimator

From Pakistan

Mr. Saady Is A Fantastic Professional Who Brings All Of The Skills And Expertise In Quantity Surveying. Under His Guidance, I Gained A Variety Of Skills In Planswift. His Lecture Has Played A Significant Part In My Success In The Field Of Quantity Surveying. Since The Beginning Of My Estimations Journey, I've Been Following Him, And I Appreciate His Dedication To Providing Quality Lessons To Beginners. He Is Truly A Gem!

Neelima Rao

Quantity Surveyor

From India

Saady Is An Excellent Trainer And Has A Good Knowledge Of Planswift Software & Quantity Surveying. On Many Occasions, I Have Benefited From His Lectures And One-on-one Consultations, As A Result Of Which I Have Been Able To Better My Productivity And Keep My Clients Happy. I Would Recommend Him 100% To Everyone Looking To Learn Planswift Software And Quantity Surveying.
thank U, Saady :-)

Babar Zaheer Arshad

Mrics Quantity Surveyor

From Saudi Arabia

I Saw His Strong & Inspiring Profile On Linkedin & Became A Huge Admirer Of His World-class Expertise On Planswift And Requested Him To Deliver A Webinar Through The Quantity Surveyors Association Of Pakistan. Trust Me, It Was A Great Success. He Delivered And Developed An Excellent Understanding. We Hope We Can Take Benefit Of His Expertise In Future As Well—well Done Saady.

Megan Marshall

Construction Estimator

From USA

Saady is such an incredible resource for Planswift knowledge, tools, and advice. His professionalism and expertise are clear. It takes a dedicated and selfless person to share his extensive knowledge with the world.

Will Draper

Quantity Surveyor

From England

Saady’s knowledge and ability to articulate and communicate his knowledge is phenomenal. He is so very helpful and enthusiastic about PlanSwift. He has really helped me gain knowledge very quickly. Thank you

Saambavi Sivanraj

Quantity Surveyor

From Sri Lanka

As an undergraduate, during the pandemic, it had always been a challenge to understand the industry processes and their reasons. I came across Saady Chohan's page. He had shared his knowledge to a great extent. With the online studies, these tutorials have helped me get a long way ahead. And I'm sure these tutorials will be useful for anyone in the AEC industry to get better knowledge.

Lubna Abu Ghonmi

Quantity Surveyor

From Jordan

I want to recommend to all Quantity Surveyors and Civil engineers a lectures of Saady Chohan. Whether you are a fresher or have experience, you will learn from him. Well explained every step of Planswift software simply and wonderfully. all the respect

Muhammad Talha Quddoos

Construction Researcher

From Pakistan

Saady Chohan no doubt, is one of the best Quantity Surveyor trainers out there. Don't believe my words? See his lectures with a bundle of amazing videos regarding Quantity Surveying. Either you are thinking of starting a career as a QS or are an established QS who wants to brush up on his knowledge, Saady is the person you should contact. He is the best.

Anum Mumtaz Khan

Civil Engineer

From UAE

Sir Saady has assisted me with career counselling which I sorely needed. I want to express my sincere gratitude for the time he spent offering me his valuable advice. One of his suggestions was to learn PlanSwift software which I followed by attending lectures. I admire the attention to detail he puts.

Ahmad Abdulazeez

Trainee QS

From Nigeria

Quite before this time ,I had thoughts how one could take off quantities with out the stressful paperwork. I am so grateful I met A great motivator like Mr. Saady Chohan. He actually paved the way for me to understand Rate analysis for earthwork, concrete and masonry work section. Likewise on how to work well with the planswift development for QS. He widened my QS scope and knowledge.

ishak ishak

Quantity Surveyor

From Indonesia

Right now I'm on the train going to work. I took the time to write something about Mr. Saady Chohan. He is one of the Planswift Software Trainers. I'm grateful to LinkedIn for leading to him. He helps a lot in my work as a Quantity surveyor. I suggest QS professionals, If you are in the same country or region, then take 2 / 3 days off to meet Saady & learn.

Chatura Atukorala

MRICS Quantity Surveyor

From KSA

I have attended the PlanSwift Software Training with the guidance of Mr. Saady’s online Video sessions. I would highly recommend all the Quantity Surveying professionals to participate in the event. The Software trainer is a professional quantity surveyor, and he is able to demonstrate the ways to enhance the efficiency/ accuracy of QS tasks by using the PlanSwift Software.

shanmugam Balamurugan

Quantity Surveyor

From India

I attended lectures of Saady Chohan. It's very detailed and easy to understand for beginners and good to recollect/refresh for experienced people about estimation and takeoff using Planswift. I recommend that all #Quantity Surveyors #estimation engineer #Civil Engineer upgrade to the next level by learning #planswift software..... Thanks #SaadyChohan... keep doing 👏🏻👏🏻

Arshad Niyas

Quantity Surveyor

From Qatar

Saady Chohan made me realize that Planswift is taking the 2D Quantity take off into another level in the AEC industry. Especially in terms of time! As a QS, I would say this is one of the most powerful tools that we have in the industry for 2D take off! Thank you, @SaadyChohan for the demonstration On how to use the software. It was very well presented!

Sedat Ozyurek

Project Scheduler

From Canada

I have worked with Saady Chohan for the training of Planswift software. He has great knowledge and experience in Planswift as a specialist.

Mona Mustafa

Civil Engineer

From Sudan

I recommend anyone who wants to learn Planswift in the professional way by following Saady Chohan's lectures. It's beneficial, and he will help you with any enquiries.

Waldrys Nixon

Construction BDM

From Nigeria

The need for accuracy in my field of work led me to discover Planswift. On Linkedin, I stumbled into this guy, Saady Chohan. He explains what you need to do clearly, simply, and fully. On the first video, I was hooked. I've been learning Planswift from his lectures. You can't get any better that him. I'll take a whole hour writing to explain how great he is if given a chance. I can only recommend people to attend his lectures, he is Good. Very Good at what he does.

Noella Bravo

Electrical Engineer

From Philippines

Saady really helped me with my inquiries regarding PlanSwift. I've been learning from his lectures and it really helped me a lot. He, too, is really approachable and accommodating. I am glad that I connected with him.

Jahangeer Ahmed

Project Manager

From Pakistan

Saady is a brilliant professional. He has made some very informative and impressive videos to introduce PlanSwift and its tools for Quantity Estimators around the globe. I would recommend everyone follow Saady if you really want to explore the application of PlanSwift for your estimation projects.

Zeeshan Ahmed

Construction Engineer

From KSA

Saady Chohan #Kudos Having an #AmazingMentor like you inspires me. Many thanks for the PlanSwift Software Training program you mentored. I have gained enough confidence with a fast workability skills by learning this software in terms of Quantity Take-off, even in times of MEP. Keep it up and keep going.

Mathias Machin

Electrical Estimator

From United States

I really appreciate Saady's thoroughness and follow up in helping me. I posted a very specific question on a #, not even knowing the company was in the USA, and he found it and helped me find the answer I needed. He is professional, friendly and has in-depth knowledge of the program. I wish every company had a Saady.


Civil Engineer

From Uganda

Saady Chohan has done a great job of enriching me with quantity surveying skills. I really like the logical flow of the knowledge Mr Saady shares in his tutorials. As a civil engineer, my estimation ability is swift now. You are truly good news to the engineering profession.

Ameera Jabeen

Estimation Engineer

From Dubai

Saady is an extremely talented and highly professional individual. My colleagues and I have immensely benefited from his training sessions and problem-solving skills. He has a never-say-die attitude and is always ready to assist and find solutions no matter how occupied he might be. This puts us at ease and knows that we are in good hands - this kind of after-sales customer service helps retain the customer. He is definitely an indispensable asset to his company. I predict a very bright future for this gentleman.

Akar Qadir

Quantity Surveyor

From Iraq

I want to personally thank Saady Chohan, who is always ready to share his knowledge with those who are new in a career or want to learn more about specific topics such as Planswift and Quantity Surveying. As QS, I have faced many difficulties in using Plasnswift software. Thanks to Saady, who has always answered my questions regarding the above topics. It is encouraging that we still see a man like that in this busy world, who devote some of their vital time to helping once who need aid.

Muhammad Usama Khan

®️Civil Engineer

From UAE

He is the best in town regarding Quantity Surveying Training. The way he teaches is superb. He makes all the points clear. I was desperately in need of learning and enhancing my QS skills and when I landed on his profile on LinkedIn, I was at the right spot. I will recommend all the freshers to learn the complete quantity surveying course from his lectures. You will learn from A to Z. Definitely your skill set will be enhanced. 💕

Murshid Mannungal

Quantity Surveyor

From Kuwait

He is an enthusiastic Software Trainer plus PlanSwift Specialist. I highly recommend all Quantity Surveyors/Estimators to learn & use PlanSwift Software for Quantity Take-off. It is easy and very time-saving. Also, Mr. Saady Chohan’s lectures are more than enough to have good knowledge about the PlanSwift.

Lalitha Alexander

Construction BDM

From Dubai

Saady is a great Planswift Trainer with clear concise understanding of Quantity Surveying as a subject. His trainings for QS Take off using Planswift is one of the best. Clear and very pratical.

Ahmad Ayaz

Quantity Surveyor

From Abu Dhabi

He is the greatest mentor of all time. He has made Quantity Surveying much easier and a lot can be learnt from him as a mentor and trainer.

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