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Planswift Software

Tips And Tricks For Planswift Software

Blog / 15 Mar, 2024

Area Takeoff – Box or Point to Point

Toggle between box and point-to-point methods for area take-offs based on preference and context.

Attaching Images

Easily attach images to drawings for reference or documentation purposes.

Auto Count

Accelerate item identification with the Auto Count feature, particularly useful in complex drawings.

Comparison Overlay

Facilitate tender revisions or drawing comparisons by overlaying multiple drawings for analysis.

Connecting to Excel

Link estimating templates to PlanSwift for automatic population of quantity fields, streamlining estimate preparation.


Utilize the highlighting tool to mark areas of interest or exclusion during take-offs.


Use the 'M' key to activate the magnification tool for enhanced viewing during tasks.

Parts & Assemblies

Leverage the power of Parts & Assemblies for comprehensive item scheduling and calculation, reducing manual effort and ensuring accuracy.

Setting Scale

Ensure accurate drawing scale, either through automatic or manual scaling. Verify scale integrity with check dimensions.

Subtracting Areas

Simplify complex take-offs by subtracting unwanted areas from measurements.