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Planswift Software Training From Certified Trainer - Saady Chohan

Planswift Is The #1 Quantity Surveying Software In The World. Mastering This Software Can Help You Find Jobs And Secure Projects. This Masterclass From A Certified Planswift Trainer Will Help You Master This Skill In Just A Few Hours - Guaranteed

Saady Chohan | Level 1

(6) 24 Students

What You Will Learn

  • PlanSwift Installation & Activation

  • PlanSwift Advance

  • PlanSwift Creating Project Jobs

  • PlanSwift Measurement Takeoff

  • PlanSwift Sharing Projects

  • PlanSwift Basics

  • PlanSwift Template Customization

  • PlanSwift Scale Setting (M or Ft)

  • PlanSwift Exporting Calculation

  • PlanSwift Tips & Tricks

This PlanSwift Masterclass is offered by the well-reputed and certified PlanSwift Trainer, Saady Chohan. This course duration is just a few hours, and can help you master a highly in-demand skill in the QS industry. Saady Chohan has provided training to thousands of students, hundreds of AEC companies, and numerous QS institutes and Engineering universities worldwide. Through this online PlanSwift course, he will share his knowledge, experience, and expertise with you.

This PlanSwift Course is suitable for everyone, whether you're an experienced construction professional or a young professional looking to enhance your skills. This online PlanSwift course is designed to help you master PlanSwift Software. We encourage everyone as mastering PlanSwift through this course can result in a 10x return on investment within 6 months—Guaranteed!

Cost Comparison:
Our course price is equivalent to 4 to 5 hours of freelance work using PlanSwift. Freelance websites offer job opportunities paying between $20 to $50 per hour for PlanSwift services. Considering the valuable skills gained, the course cost is a small investment in your future. In comparison, the PlanSwift official website offers a similar 3-hour course for $300. We provide the same course for just $100.

With PlanSwift Training Lessons, you'll receive all the necessary resources to master these skills. We provide PlanSwift guides, Manuals, Templates, Plugins, Materials, and a Certificate upon course completion. Additionally, this course is for a lifetime, so whenever we add new lessons, you'll receive them free of cost, and much more.

Note: If you are working for APC, this course can help you claim CPD hours.


Advance template customization is an intensive lecture, i am glad it has addressed many questions i had in mind including how to correct a wrong take off without the use of change item tool. So i am wondering has anyone tried to customize a template for reinforcement bars yet?

6 months ago
Saady Chohan Instructor

I am happy to see your comments and glad to know that you found it useful.

4 months ago
D.Darius Oulai


i have completed the training but am not able to see the certificate

4 months ago
Saady Chohan Instructor

Dear, You will receive your certificate on request through an email. You can contact the Noble QS team and Request for your certificate.

2 months ago
Hudu Osman

Please is there any tempelate on roof members and roofing works? 

2 weeks ago
Saady Chohan Instructor

Hello Hudu, In this course, we have shared a few basic templates for practice, along with detailed lessons on creating advanced PlanSwift templates. Everyone has different methods for preparing templates. Even if someone prepared and shared a template, it’s not guaranteed that others can benefit or understand it, as there are calculations involved based on different standards and approaches. I recommend you create your own templates. If you need support, we can guide you. The best way to start is by creating a formula to get the quantity on an Excel sheet first and then applying the same logic in PlanSwift.

5 days ago


6 Reviews

Viola Dzapenga

1 month ago

I'm Viola Dzapenga ( Zimbabwe) and recently completed my Plan swift Masterclass with Noble Quantity Surveyors. I am congratulating myself for the decision I made. I started by just following them on their pages like Linked In, Facebook and You tube and was enjoying their podcasts and workshops. For fear of internet scams I delayed myself so to say , but thank God I finally enrolled and that was the best decision I made for my career. Mr Saady Chohan is a great teacher of this by calling not just a mere teacher , I strongly recommend him to anyone or company that wants to develop themselves in this field. As for me , I will continue to follow them in my career. Anyone can do it , don't delay yourself.


3 months ago

I have completed this course and I am so satisfied this online course than physical class. I suggestion to every Q/S, Join this course it is very helpful for Q/S. And specially teacher Mr.Saddy's lecture procedure is very good.

D.Darius Oulai

4 months ago

At first i did not want to pay for the training because of the way internet is, secondly i didn't know before how usefull this will be. But today am more than happy and confident, because i have taken my quantity survey skill to another level. THE WEBSITE IS SURE AND SECURED AND WHAT YOU WILL LEARN WILL REALLY MATTER. AM JUST GREATFULL

Meet Your Instructor

Saady Chohan

Technical Trainer

5.0 Rating
328 Students
Level 1
2 Courses
About Instructor

Mr. Saady Chohan is a Certified Trainer of PlanSwift Software in the Middle East, Africa & Asia. He has MSc in Quantity Surveying and Masters in Information Technology. He delivered 1500+ Training Sessions, Build a connection with 2000+ Construction companies, has 10,000+ Students, worked on 1000+ QS projects over the last decade. He has been an honorary trainer of major AEC communities & Institutes worldwide: IIQS, QSAP, SLQS, PICQS, UOM, ISU, IPRC, NTA, GFT, NUST, MCE, IIUI, CUI, CUSIT, GIKI, UET, NED, NTU, MUST, SSUET & KFUEIT etc.

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